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Ducks can be an important part of your flock. Here's items we carry that are specifically for ducks!

Food For Duck Chicks

Ducks grow much faster than chickens at a young age. Non-medicated feed is best, and you only need it for about the first 2 weeks – otherwise, your ducks will get too much protein.

Purina Start & Grow – for baby chickens for their first 18 weeks, and baby ducks for their first 2 weeks. We sell this product by the pound for when you’re raising ducks and you don’t need 25-50 pounds of it! (shown above)

We also have an organic option in a 35 lb bag. This one we don’t sell by the pound. (shown above)

Duck Food After 2 Weeks

For the remainder of a duck’s life, we have several options, depending on your goal with your ducks.

Laying Ducks

For laying ducks, the food created specifically for your birds concentrates on providing healthy growth, egg production, egg nutrition, and strong shells (Calcium). They can eat Purina Layena products, shown here.

Layena by Purina is a great feed with optimal nutrition for healthy growth, consistent quality of eggs, and bright and active bird life. (shown here)

You can feed your ducks a layer feed with higher levels of Omega-3 so that your collected eggs have this added nutrition. 40 lb bag (shown here)

We also have organic layer feed (shown here).

Food for Meat Birds

For meat birds who are to be culled when they are young, you can feed a different kind of feed. This feed doesn’t have the concentration on extra egg nutrition or calcium to build strong shells. Instead these formulas build muscle and optimize healthy growth for maximum meat production per bird.

The initial 2 weeks would still be one of the Start & Grow formulas mentioned above, or you can feed Flock Raiser to ducks from the start.

Here’s some great options for you:

Flock Raiser (shown here) is for a mixed flock – great for ducks, turkeys, and chickens and many meat bird raisers use this formula to raise their birds.

Another option for raising game birds for meat is Purina’s Game Bird Chow. Very high protein for 0-8 weeks of age. (shown above)

Dual Purpose Birds

Some folks raise birds for dual purposes, meat and eggs. Usually they will raise the birds for eggs, and then when the laying slows/stops, those birds are culled from the flock and used as meat. If this is your goal, we recommend the Layena products for great growth, muscle mass, and overall bird health. Need advice? Come on in and talk to our staff, let us know your goals and we’ll get you the best feed for your birds.
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