Farm Feed & Supplies

Shell’s Feed and Garden Supply carries Manna Pro and Purina feed, hamster and gerbil food, bulk ingredient seeds such as black oil sunflower, grey stripe sunflower, thistle, and raw peanuts. Also available is squirrel chow, millet, safflower, sunflower hearts, suet cakes, dried corn on the cob for squirrels, and woodpecker food.

Shell’s Feed also sells wild bird feeders, small animal & rabbit cages, poultry feeders & waterers, welded wire and hardware cloth, and much more.

Featured Brands Include:

  • Purina Mills Feeds
  • Manna Pro Feeds
  • Scarlett brand bird feed
  • Purgrain Pigeon feed
  • Little Giant Products by Miller Manufacturing – poultry feeders and waterers
  • Wild Delight – wild bird feeds
  • Purina Organic Chicken Feeds

Purina Mills Feeds

We have been supplying the hillsborough county area with Purina Mills products since the 1960s.

Manna Pro Feeds

Shell’s Feed carries Manna Pro Products to better supply the area with innovative, and quality feed.

Scarlett brand bird feed

Scarlett specializes companion bird, wild bird, and small animal feeds.

Purgrain Pigeon feed

Purgrain is a manufacturer of clean nutritionally-balanced feed for racing and fancy pigeons.

Little Giant Products

Purina Organic Chicken Feeds

We carry GMO free all organic Purina Organic Chicken Feeds.