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Bundle 25 Beauregard Sweet Potato Slips for $8.95.

Easy to grow, easy to care for, great yields, delicious flavor.  It doesn’t get any easier!

These must be planted as soon as possible after they arrive for best results, we will notify you the day they arrive so you can pick them up!

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Beauregard Sweet Potato

sweet potato plants potatoes natural gardening springThe Beauregard Sweet Potato is one of the best-growing and best-tasting sweet potatoes out there! This purchase is for 25 Beauregard** bare-root “slips” that come to us ready for immediate planting.

Last date for Sweet Potato slip bundle orders is Saturday March 31.

Please note we do not ship live plants. This order is for pickup in store.  We will notify you when your order arrives.

Find all of our growing secrets here in our Sweet Potato Growing Guide.

Sweet Potato Growing Tips:

— Don’t forget your soil amendments for a great sweet potato crop. Shell’s 3-3-3 worked into soil that’s been loosened to 8-10″ deep will allow your potatoes to pack on the pounds, and pack in the flavor!sweet potato potatoes beauregard spring garden

— You can build a trellis to keep those vines vertical! Use some posts and chicken wire and support the vines with soft ties as they climb.  They make a beautiful decorative backdrop for your garden, and produce ornamental flowers as well. Sweet potatoes are members of the morning glory family.

— Harvest time: minimum 3-4 months, or wait until the vines are yellowing.  You can also wait until the first frost if you have a warm place to allow the sweet potato harvest to cure.

sweet potato potatoes beauregard spring garden

— Curing Sweet Potatoes: spread sweet potatoes out in a shady 80-90 degree F area outside where it’s nice and humid (sounds like Florida in the summer, right?), making sure they aren’t touching each other.  If it’s after the first frost, a heated bathroom makes a good curing area. Curing allows any cuts and bruises from harvest to heal, forces the potato to grow a second skin surrounding the tuber, and makes the flesh of the tuber sweet.


**Our grower may have to substitute sweet potato variety at their discretion based on product availability, being that it is a natural product it is susceptible to acts of nature.  We appreciate your understanding.

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Sweet Potato Slips

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