The Shell’s Members Club is a group of customers who have signed up for exclusive content from Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply here in beautiful Tampa, Florida.

As a Member, you receive:

  • our bi-weekly newsletter with a heartfelt greeting from our blog writer, Marissa, and timely seasonal and store information about what is happening in the store;
  • advanced notice of any and all promotions (before it’s announced to everyone else!);
  • exclusive savings coupons ONLY available to Members;
  • a chance to express your opinions and give your input about our store and its offerings;
  • and much more!
The Shell’s Members Club is a group of our most engaged and loyal customers, and because of that, we are happy to offer you this Club where we can give you more.

Coming in the future, we are working on more digital content, more classes, more events, and more community outreach.  You’ll be the first to know and have access to these products, services, and gatherings.  In the meantime, please take advantage of our online Learning Center, and read our Blog that has fun articles on all kinds of topics that we put out there to be helpful and inspiring.

We’re so happy to see you! If we can do something for you, let us know.  We’re all about helping people with their pets, gardens, farms, and homes.

See you soon!

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