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Sweet (Vidalia) Onion Plants


Vidalia Onion Transplants

Price is for 1 bundle of approximately 20-30 Vidalia Onion transplants.

These orders do not ship – THEY ARE PICK-UP IN-STORE ONLY.

You are purchasing Onion Transplants, not Sets or Seeds.

Pre-order now for in-store pickup this fall! (estimated late November, depending on growing conditions)

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Vidalia Onion Transplants

Vidalia Onions can be used so many ways!

Be advised for our Sweet (Vidalia) Onion Transplants:

These orders do not ship - THEY ARE PICK-UP IN-STORE ONLY.

You are purchasing Onion Transplants, not Sets or Seeds.

These plants were grown in Georgia, and brought to you by Shells Feed & Garden Supply, Inc.

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Sweet (Vidalia) Onions - Named After Vidalia, Georgia

Vidalia Onions are named as such because of where they are grown, which is in the area of Vidalia, Georgia.  The onions are Yellow Granex Hybrids, and they get the name Vidalia when they are grown in similar soil conditions to the fields in Vidalia, because the soil allows the onions to grow sweet and mild.

The key to sweet onions is having enough sand in the root zone soil to allow the sulfur to leech out and wash down into the subsoil below the root zone.  Sulfur is what makes onions hot and spicy, so having less sulfur for the onion to take up in the growth process allows the onion to be sweet.

Pre-Order plants now for November growing season!

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Vidalia Onion Transplants

Vidalia Onion Harvest

1 transplant bundle of approximately 25 (or more) onions.................................................................$8.95

Sorry, there are no refunds!!!

We place the order and pay for it based on the pre-orders placed by you!

We are not responsible for plants which are not picked up right away when they arrive.

Transplants are ready to go in the ground when they arrive and should be planted as quickly as possible because their root systems are developed and will need to be planted in the proper conditions to survive and thrive.


Due to the unpredictable nature of Mother Nature, we are unable to guarantee the date the onions will arrive from the grower, but we will do our best to let you know as far ahead of time as possible by contacting you directly.  We do expect the deliveries in November and we will announce on social media, the website, and our newsletter (please, sign up for it!) when they arrive.

Vidalia Onion Transplants

Vidalia Onions


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