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Nolo Bait Organic Grasshopper Insecticide – granule/powder – 1 or 5 pound bags.

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Nolo Bait™ - Your Natural Defense Against Locusts

(See our Nolo Bait™ FAQ article here for additional information.)

Nolo Bait™ is a biologic insecticide specifically for lubbers/giant grasshoppers and Mormon crickets. It is safe for organic garden use. It isNolo Bait™ Nolobait Grasshoppers Lubbers Insecticide Organic Natural an all natural bait-type insecticide consisting of a micro-organism spore called Nosemus locustae.  Once ingested, it stops digestive processes of the insect, inducing lethargy, then death.  This organism in Nolo Bait is a natural opportunistic parasite of these species of grasshoppers.

It is important for the bait to be out as close to insect hatching/emergence as possible, which usually takes place right as the temperature is warming up in Spring.  Here in Florida it's usually the first week of March. Depending on the climate, however, many warm days in a row could cause them to emerge early (late February). Likewise if it stays cooler they could emerge late (about second week of March).

Nolo Bait™ nolobait insecticide organic natural grasshopper lubberIt's crucial to have Nolo Bait™ on-hand to place in the garden as soon as you see just one lubber.  Control of these voracious plant-eaters is very important to homesteading and subsistence/victory/kitchen gardening, as well as for those who raise cherished ornamentals.  The object is to eliminate them before they grow to a large enough size to lay eggs in summer.  These eggs don't emerge until the following year.

The bigger they are, the more they eat.  Eliminate them early, and they will not have laid eggs in your garden to be a nuisance next year.  Nolo Bait™ is best used several growing seasons in a row to completely eliminate the issue in your garden, and then use proactively to prevent further infestations from migration of these pests from other areas.Nolo Bait™ nolobait insecticide grasshopper organic natural

Even if you don't have lubbers in your yard, your neighbors might. Proactively placing bait stations around your garden/property perimeter, and broadcasting Nolo Bait™ along the borders of your yard far away from your prized plants, will help keep them from invading from other areas.

From the Manufacturer's Website:

"Killing grasshoppers quickly does not always offer the greatest benefit when using Nolo Bait™. The youngest grasshoppers will die most quickly, usually within 3 weeks of eating it. Buildup and transfer of infection will continue in larger immature hoppers that don’t die as quickly. Heavily infected grasshoppers will become slow, lethargic and reduce their feeding as spore builds up inside them. Nolo Bait™ is a long-term suppression product. Infection will reduce the feeding and reproductive capabilities of the grasshoppers. In turn, these grasshoppers are often cannibalized by healthy ‘hoppers that have migrated in and Nosema locustae spores continue to spread through the population. Successive use each season will result in fewer healthy eggs being laid and fewer eggs surviving to hatch in the spring."

Nolo Bait™ nolobait grasshopper lubber insecticide organic naturalMore information about Nolo Bait™:

  • -- shelf life is 13 wks from date of manufacture (stickered on bag) - some people have had success refrigerating/freezing Nolo Bait™ to extend its life, however, we can only recommend usage instructions on the label.
  • -- coverage is 1lb per acre, if broadcasting
  • -- bait stations are recommended to keep product out of direct sun light and rain (pieces of 90 degree angle pvc pipe fittings for 6" straight pipe pieceswork well to shelter the bait, they can be placed all over the garden and are easily seen to refill).
  • -- we expect stock to arrive in time for emergence in early March**

**This date is subject to on-time delivery from vendor and can change at any time without notice.  That said we will do our best to keep this information as up-to-date as possible.  Please call the store for further questions.


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