Pet Supplies

If you’re looking for a variety of dog, cat, and bird supplies in the Tampa area, then we’re sure you’ll enjoy shopping at Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply. From dog and cat food to bird seed and even squirrel food – we carry an array of nutritional products distributed by only the very best companies.

Shell’s stocks dog and cat toys, leashes and a variety of quality pet care and grooming products that will keep your pets not only healthy but happy!


Florida is notoriously one of the worst places to live– if you’re a dog or cat! But, the warm humid weather is the perfect weather for a flea. Fleas and ticks on your pet are not only unhealthy and uncomfortable for dogs and cats, but your home can also become flea infested. We carry flea and tick treatments for your animals and your home. If you’re unsure what type of product you should use, ask one of our helpful staff members and they will gladly recommend the proper type of flea treatment for your dog or cat or home. If your pet has worms, we also sell a variety of de-wormers.

Dogs and cats are often very sensitive about their diets. Change it too quickly and they can have tummy problems. If you don’t provide the balanced nutrition that they require, according to breed, weight, and age, they can become very ill. Shell’s Feed and Garden Supply offers pet lovers the very best pet food and nutritional supplements for cats, dogs, birds, and fish. From Diamond pet food and Blue Buffalo pet foods for cats and dogs to Pretty Bird bird food and Omega One Fish Food, we stock only the highest quality brands of pet food as well as nutritional supplements to help your animals thrive.