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The Learning Center!

at Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply

This page is a work in progress!

Building community relationships is very important here at Shell’s Feed, and sharing knowledge is one of the ways that we accomplish this mission.  We feel that the more you know about the topics surrounding the products we sell, the more you’ll stop in and say hello to us.

Here you will find articles we’ve written and other guides to help support your gardening dreams and chicken and pet care needs as well.

As always, feel free to stop in and ask for advice – we have plenty of solutions to help with any issues you encounter in the garden, on the farm, with pests, and with pets too.

Want to see an article about something you’re interested in here?  Let Marissa know! marissa at shellsfeed dot com (make that into an email address and send me a note! Or just comment below.)

Classes & Events

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sweet potatoes in the garden

Harvesting Sweet Potatoes

Shell’s How To Grow Potatoes in Florida – here’s some tips and tricks to growing potatoes here.

From Our Blog: How To Grow Florida Strawberries – strawberries grow well here! Get in on it this coming fall.

From Our Blog: The Best Tomatoes To Grow In Tampa – there’s nothing like a fresh tomato you grew yourself!

Shell’s Garden Freeze Guide – freezes happen, even here. Let us help you out.

Florida Strawberries growing Shell's Feed and Garden Supply how to plant information

Strawberry Picking

From Our Blog: Recovering Your Garden From A Freeze – got some damage from a cold snap? We can help.

Shell’s How To Plant Sweet Potatoes Guide – sweet potatoes are so…sweet. Grow Your Own!

From Our Blog: Pro-Tips on Growing Sweet Potatoes In Florida – some extra tips for sweet goodness!

Shell’s Flea Control Information – helpful info on fleas and how to control them

Fleas – get rid of them!

From Our Blog: 4 Steps to Eliminate Fleas For Good – here’s the key takeaways on flea control!

From Our Blog: Backyard Chickens? Oh YES! – the (kinda confusing) rules on Chicken-keeping in Tampa/Hillsborough County

Other Fun Stuff

Baby Chicken FAQ – everything you ever wanted to know about raising baby chickens

Chicken FAQ – answers to commonly asked questions about raising chickens

chicken coop raising hens roosters molting tips advice

Get Your Own Chickens!

The Chicken Report – this is our list of available live baby chickens, updated weekly!

Nolo Bait FAQ – got lubbers? Get rid of those giant grasshoppers with our help!

The Garden Glossary Want to know more about a garden term you’re not familiar with? Check this…


More coming…stay tuned…..