Learning Center

Building community relationships is very important here at Shell’s, and sharing knowledge is one of the ways that we accomplish this mission.  We feel that the more you know about the topics surrounding the products we sell, the more you’ll stop in and say hello to us.

Here you will find articles we’ve written and other guides to help support your gardening dreams in the Free Gardening & Pet Info section below.  It has chicken and pet care articles as well.  You’ll also find a link to our Classes & Events schedules.

As always, feel free to stop in to the store and ask for advice – we have plenty of solutions to help with issues you encounter in the garden, on the farm, with pests, and with pets too.

Want to see an article about something you’re interested in here?  Let Marissa know! marissa at shellsfeed dot com (make that into an email address and send me a note! Or just comment below.)

Free Gardening & Pet Info

Here’s some free information from various sources around our blog and website – check it out!

Classes & Events

Note from Marissa: Classes & Events are not happening over the Summer! Our teaching space is outside, and it’s just TOO HOT. We will start up again for the Fall, approximately August/September. When they are posted, you’ll see Class/Event titles and a synopsis for each below.

Go see our Store Classes and Events Page for more information!

Want to see our Classes & Events in Calendar form? Click here for the Events Calendar.

Future Projects & The Shell’s Members Club

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Additionally, we are working on some amazing content for Members Only too.  It takes a lot of time to make this stuff, so be patient with us – Marissa is usually up to her eyeballs in doing awesome stuff just for you, and she’s the one who makes everything online.  If you sign up at the link above, you’ll be the first to know when new stuff happens! Get the inside scoop with the Shell’s Members Club today!