Free Gardening Info

We do have some free information you can use to help you with gardening!

Marissa’s Blog

First, you should take a look at Marissa’s Blog. She’s got lots of articles there for you, and she posts a new one every other week! It’s been around since 2017, so there’s quite a bit of info posted already.

Here’s just a few examples:

How to Grow Florida Strawberries – strawberries grow well here! Get in on it this coming fall.

The Best Tomatoes To Grow In Tampa – there’s nothing like a fresh tomato you grew yourself!

Helping Your Garden Recover from a Freeze – got some damage from a cold snap? We can help.

Top 5 Pro-Tips to Grow Sweet Potatoes in Florida – some extra tips for sweet goodness!

14 Garden Edibles that Beat the Florida Summer Heat – for us, Summer gardening is the most challenging because of the heat. Here’s some summer crops to try.

4 Steps to Eliminate Fleas for Good – here’s the key takeaways on flea control!

Backyard Chickens? OH YES! – the (kinda confusing) rules on Chicken-keeping in Tampa/Hillsborough County

Sweet Vidalia Onions – here’s information on the Vidalias and how our pre-ordering system works!


That’s Marissa, in her gardening hat, over at Abby’s Community Farm.

Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply Pet & Gardening Articles

Marissa has also posted some articles that are directly related to products we sell and some of the garden starter plants/seeds that we offer. Here’s a list of those available right now – I’m sure she’ll add more in the future!

Shell’s How To Grow Potatoes in Florida – here’s some tips and tricks to growing potatoes here.

Shell’s Sweet Potato Planting Guide – sweet potatoes are so…sweet. Grow Your Own!

Shell’s Gardening Freeze Guide – freezes happen, even here. Let us help you out.

Shell’s Flea Control Information – helpful info on fleas and how to control them

Harvesting Sweet Potatoes is fun!


We have several FAQs on different topics for your information. Check them out!

Baby Chick FAQ – almost everything you ever wanted to know about raising baby chickens

Chicken FAQ – some answers to commonly asked questions about raising chickens

Nolo Bait™ FAQ – got lubbers? Get rid of those giant grasshoppers with our help!

Get Your Own Chickens!

Other Stuff for You

The Chicken Report – this is our list of available live baby chickens, updated weekly!

The Garden Glossary – Want to know more about a garden term you’re not familiar with? Check this…

Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke – knowing the signs can save your life – and it’s good info to know considering our Heat Index during the Summer can reach well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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