Fox Farm is a family-owned company out of Humboldt County, California. They specialize in soil-enrichment products that are natural and/or organic.  Their potting soil is one of the best and most popular products we carry, designed to improve you plants’ potential. Natural and organic ingredients are used throughout their product line, and they work in small batches to ensure better quality control and more consistent results for you.

Fox Farm Soil and Nutrient Boosters

Soil is the most important aspect of your garden! In Florida especially, where we have lots of “sugar sand” and neighborhoods that have imported soil to build houses on, we must diligently amend our soil with natural nutrient sources to get our plants where they need to be and show them the love they deserve.  This goes for potting soil as well.

Fox Farm delivers nutrients for specific plants and specific soil needs! Check out the information below!

Strawberry Fields Potting Soil – Great general potting soil for your fruiting and flowering needs!

Light Warrior Seed Starter Soil – the ultimate in “set it and forget it” seed germination, and great for transplanting.  Has Fox Farm’s signature mix of beneficial microbes and fungi to make sure that nutrients are available to your new friends.

Ocean Forest Potting Soil – this soil has everything you could want in a container planting soil, with nutrient sources from the forest AND the sea! Fish and Crab meal, sandy loam, peat moss, aged forest “litter”, earthworm castings, bat guano, and more. On top of that, has a slightly acidic range to ensure that your plants have the optimum pH for nutrient uptake so your plants don’t miss out of any of that soil goodness!

Big Bloom Plant Food – liquid fertilizer that concentrates on making your flowers spectacular.  All organic, use it every time you water to give your plants that little extra (won’t burn!).

Grow Big Plant Food – liquid fertilizer that is water soluble for early-season use when your plants are just getting set up to give you fruits/veggies/flowers.  This will ensure that the foundation of your plants, the leaves and stems, are strong and vigorously pumping nutrients within the plant for good solid branching and setup for bud/bloom production.

Tiger Bloom Plant Food – liquid fertilizer to sustain your flowering plants for big, bodacious blooms, and just enough nitrogen to support the roots, leaves and stems during bloom time to keep those blooms coming.

Bush Doctor Microbe Brew – you want to cultivate root-level success for your plants, right? THIS is a must-have nutrient cocktail for your plant’s Happy Hour celebration.  This complex, special formula was created to “help plants achieve optimum microbial habitats at the rhizosphere or root zone environment.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

Bush Doctor Kelp Me Kelp You – not just a clever name! This is a root supplement in addition to other plant foods, appropriate for drip irrigation and hydroponics as well.  Made from sustainably-harvested Norweigan kelp, the micronutrients in this Kelp-based formula give your garden that little something extra, and make your end products more bountiful and nutritious by enhancing root uptake!

Bush Doctor Wholly Mackerel – pre-digested protein-derived compounds from marine fishes, Nitrogen and Phosphorus are made readily-available for uptake by the root systems of your plants.  Like the Kelp Me Kelp You formula mentioned above, this is an added nutrient made to be applied directly to root systems as an added beneficial source of nutrients for plant growth.

Happy Frog Fertilizers & Soil

Happy Frog Fertilizers are all natural and organic soil enrichment, and Happy Frog Soils contain these nutrients for your plants as well.  Active Microbes work in your soil to break down nutrients in the soil to make them bioavailable to feed your plants.  We carry several varieties of Happy Frog, including:

Jump Start – gives new young plants everything they need to grow strong, healthy, and lush.

All Purpose – this is a maintenance fertilizer, can be used at planting and all throughout the growing season so your plants can give you everything you ask of them.

Tomato & Vegetable – specifically formulated for tomatoes and vegetables, this fertilizer ensures strong stems, lots of blooms, and helps the plants keep nutrient-deficiency diseases away such as blossom end rot.  You won’t regret adding this to your veggie garden!!

Fruit & Flower – especially formulated to give you numerous large blooms and to support healthy fruit development. Adding this to your flower garden will give you a show like you’ve never seen!

Acid-Loving Plants – specifically made for those plants that really love acidic conditions, such as roses, azaleas, hydrangeas (if you want them more blue!), and many more.

Bat Guano – a special soil enricher, aged bat guano is high in Phosphorus, which gives plants strong stems, awesome flowers, and greater bud development.

Potting Soil (All Purpose) – your container plants will be very happy indeed in Happy Frog Potting Soil. It is chock full of beneficial microbes and fungi that help feed your plants, since they can’t really seek out nutrients for themselves. Even includes earthworm castings! We recommend combining with one of the fertilizers mentioned above, depending on the plants you’re potting!

Soil Conditioner – this stuff is amazing for building soil. Contains aged forest “litter”, bat guano, earthworm castings, beneficial microbes, and humic acid.  Work it in the top 3 inches around the rootball of established plants like roses, flowering bushes, etc.  You can use it in your lawn by raking it in, or planting landscaping mix 50/50 with native soil. You won’t believe the results.

Stop in to the store today for all your Fox Farm needs!

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