Do You Want To Work For Shell’s Feed?


Are you interested in working at Shell’s Feed in Tampa, Florida? Here’s a little bit about us, and what’s expected of you.

Who We Are

We are a small family-owned business serving Tampa and surrounding communities for nearly 60 years with their pet, farm, and gardening supply needs.

We are proud to be a part of the community and look to make new contacts and customers with every action, every day.

shells feed garden supply tampa florida pet supplies toys feeders waterersWhat You’ll Be Doing

First, you probably should know we sell live chickens and rabbits.  Some people keep theseshells feed garden supply tampa florida poultry chicken farming chickens baby chicks live animals fresh eggs animals as pets, or as farm animals to produce eggs.  Some people eat these animals.  You have to be all right with this in order to work here.  Our animals are well-cared for and are humanely treated while they are here.

Work with us is labor intensive, but rewarding.  Most employees lift heavy loads multiple times per day, whether it’s stocking products in the store, flat-stacking pallets for storage, unloading trucks, or loading customer purchases into their vehicles.  Sometimes we’ll ask you to put something together for a customer.  If you know how to drive a forklift, that’s an added bonus!

You will also work directly with customers to help them find what they need to do whatever they came in for help with.  Treating people with respect is a must here – we live in a very culturally-diverse neighborhood, and people from all walks of life come to us for what they need for their pets, gardening, pest control, and more.

shells feed garden supply tampa florida pet food all life stages diamond best dog foodYou’ll need to have a willingness to learn about the products we carry so you can point customers in the right direction.  Don’t worry, this part seems overwhelming at first, to know about all the types of products we carry for pets, gardening, home pest control, and farming – but you’ll get it.  We’re happy to teach you, so just listen and learn, you’ll be fine.

People who work with us need to be able to perform work tasks asked of them in a timely manner, but all focus must be placed on customers who need assistance as a priority.  Taking direction from our owner, manager, and assistant manager is required, not only so that you can learn your job well but also for your safety.  There are many hazards in a feed store, and you must be aware of what they are and how to handle the products we carry.

Below is our current list of positions that are open:

There are no open positions at this time. Check back!