Chicken Report

Chicken Report!

Here’s our chicken list, we usually update it weekly.  This is meant as a general guide, if you are looking for a specific type of chicken please call the store to ensure that we haven’t sold out before you make the trip!  (813) 932-9775.


Rhode Island Reds – $3.95ea

Ameracaunas – $4.50ea

Black Sex-links – $3.95ea

Barred Plymouth Rocks – $3.95ea


Rhode Island Reds – $3.95ea

Ameracaunas – $4.50ea

Black Sex-links – $3.95ea

Barred Plymouth Rocks – $3.95ea

Assorted Feather Legged Bantams (S/R) – $3.95ea


Black Sex-Link $3.95ea

Assorted Feather-Legged Bantams (S/R) $3.95ea

Barred Plymouth Rocks $3.95ea

Amercaunas $4.50ea


*Hatched 12/15*:

Asst’d Bantams & Black Sex-Link $3.95ea

Cornish Rock $2.75ea or 5 for $2ea

*Hatched 12/22*:

Barred Plymouth Rocks $3.95 ea

Ameracaunas $4.50ea