Bird Feed & Supplies

Wild Birds

Our feathered friends in the wild love to have food they don’t have to hunt for, and as a bonus you get to watch them frolic in your yard around your feeder.  We have many varieties of bird seed mixes, feeders and more to help you get the most out of your backyard bird-watching experience.  We have up to 50 lb. bags of seed mixes, and mixes for lots of different kinds of species.  No matter which you decide on, we have great prices and selection.  Shop Local with Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply, Inc. and we can give you expert advice should you need it!

Caged Birds

Pet birds need the right kinds of cages, toys, food, and supplements to make their lives healthy, fulfilling, clean and fun when they are in their cages.  We have everything you need to care and nurture your birds here at Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply, Inc.!

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