Our Story

In the late summer of 1961, Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply, Inc. opened the doors of the now locally-famous Tampa feed store without even so much as a cash register! Charles Shell, the founder of Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply, Inc., nearly a decade prior, had a dream to make a better life for himself and his family. This plan not only came to fruition, but succeeded beyond imagination, through a lot of hard work, perseverance, and building community relationships. Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply has become a household name to many in and around the Tampa Bay area and is still family owned and operated to this day.

Serving The Tampa Area Since 1961

Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply was one of the first and only Purina dealers in the Tampa area in the 1960’s! Today Shell’s still brings Purina Mills products to their customers. As the only Purina dealer store in Tampa for many years, Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply’s Founder Charles Shell began delivering feed to farms as far away as Levy county.

The business thrived and survived during many fluctuating markets … even being revived after the demolition of their original store on Busch Blvd. in Tampa, Florida in the mid 1960’s due to widening of roads.

A Brand New Store

In 1966, with financial assistance from Ralston Purina and Gulf Life Insurance, Shell opened the new store at 9513 N. Nebraska Avenue in Tampa, Florida. Currently, the store consists of a retail feed store and a warehouse of 10,000 square feet, with property investments encompassing a whole city block.

All In The Family

The feed store has always been family-run. Originally, Charles’ mother was cashier, his father the bookkeeper, and Charles worked in the store. Today, Greg, Charles’ son, has taken over the store, operating it with an equal amount of zeal while incorporating new online marketing strategies and providing additional products for home and urban gardeners, pet owners, and more. Staying true to the store’s original agricultural and family-owned concept while keeping up with modern day needs makes Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply, Inc. a respected and sought-after business in the Tampa community.

Stop by Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply and you’ll be won over with quality products and customer service. From gardening supplies such as Earth Boxes, seeds, starter plants, soil, organic growing supplies and fertilizer, to pet supplies such as dog, cat, bird, chicken, and rabbit feed, Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply lives up to their name. If that’s not enough, you can pick out a chick for your farm or a bunny for a special someone!

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