Dec 9, 2021

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Looking for that special last minute gift idea for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life?  We’re here to help!  Here’s some suggestions we have in-stock and ready to go under the tree.

Last Minute Gifts

Last minute gifts are seemingly inevitable, no matter how carefully you plan! An impromptu party where a hostess gift is called for. Someone was accidentally left off the list. Having to get a gift for someone because they were invited last minute to a gift exchange. You forgot about the Secret Santa at work.  There’s any number of ways that a last minute gift is needed!  

I don’t know about you, but when the pressure is on to find a good gift last minute, I freeze up, and then spend some time searching articles like this one for ideas. 

So, let Shell’s help you!  We have some great products that, yes, we grouped into categories, BUT, the person you’re buying for doesn’t have to fit into those categories to make it a nice gift!

For the Gardener

For the Gardener

Gardeners are fun to shop for, because they like ANYTHING related to plants. What’s even better is that every time they use that gift, they’ll think of you and how thoughtful you are!

2 in 1 hose nozzle + sprinkler

This 2-in-1 hose nozzle with 7 spray patterns also converts to a sprinkler with 2 spray patterns – without disconnecting the nozzle!  This is a handy tool for anyone who likes spending time in the yard with their plants!

This 47″ tomato tower is an awesome way to prop up your Mortgage Lifters and Bigger Boys! (in case you don’t know, those are varieties of tomatoes!) We have them in Red & Green at a special price – limited quantities!

The EarthBOX

As Tampa’s EarthBOX Authority, we can’t let an opportunity to mention the EarthBOX pass us by. It’s an all-in-one contained growing system that is as “set it and forget it” as possible in the plant world.  Use less water and fertilizer, and get more crop yield per plant in this amazing growing system!


For the Farmer

Farmers like many of the things that gardeners do, but we think that farmers might really love to have some practical tools that they carry with them and use all the time.  Here’s what we’ve got in mind for your favorite farmer!

A Variety of Case brand knives

As far as we’re concerned, EVERYONE needs a pocket knife. They’re useful for so many things, there’s so many situations where having one would be helpful! We have a great selection of Case brand knives in-store only! Stop in and see what we have available in our beautiful knife case! 

Our AM Leonard Soil Knife is an indispensible tool for anyone working outside! It can cut roots and branches, loosen compacted soil, pry apart, and so much more. Get one with the sheath for easy carrying!

AM Leonard Soil Knife

Bag Balm, a farmer’s friend since 1899, is one of the greatest hand moisturizers and skin protectors on the market. There’s a reason it’s been around for so long. Originally made to combat chapped cow udders from milking, it’s also used for dry, cracked skin, as well as to protect wounds, blisters, burns, and more! Two convenient sizes available!

For the Bird Lover

For the Bird Lover

Backyard birding is a HOT trend right now! You can’t go wrong with a cute bird feeder and some seed to get someone started in this entertaining hobby – or to supplement the bird addiction of your someone special!  Check out some things we’ve got in mind for your bird lover.

Bird feeder with woodpecker

We have all kinds of bird feeders, from little houses like in the image above to suet cages like the one pictured at left. Shell’s has quite the selection to feed your wild birds!  Even squirrel-proof ones! (and ones just for squirrels too!)

We brought in some Nutty Suet for the Winter! Birds need the extra fat to keep warm in the Winter. And with the nutty suet, our colorful friends get all the protein they need to keep flitting and flying! Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Nutty Suet
Shell's Mealworm Madness

Mealworms are a high protein treat for all kinds of birds and pets.  Add some mealworms to your bird feeders and watch the activity as birds set in to gather as many as they can fit in their beaks!  Such great entertainment and photo opportunities!

happy dog

For Dog Lovers

We have to admit – at Shell’s, we’re absolutely crazy about dogs. I mean, the majority of our entire pet line is dedicated to them.  Mr. Shell has a soft spot for dogs, as his family raised hunting dogs from the time he was little, and he’s had some great canine companions over the years.  So let’s see our top items for gifting to dog lovers, shall we?

loofa dog toys

We love giving dogs toys.  Do they destroy them right away? Sure. But they do it happily and with lots of love.  And it keeps them occupied and away from your prized Jimmy Choos (or should we call them Jimmy Chews?).  We’ve got plush and natural rubber chews for your best fuzzy friend – or someone else’s! Click the picture on the left for plush toys and the button below for all dog toys.

Make sure your favorite canines are snuggled up for the cold weather and comfortable when they sleep! A dog’s bed definitely determines if they get quality rest. Get an XL Orthopedic Dog Bed while they last!

XL Orthopedic Dog Bed
dog chewing on bone

Dogs have been gnawing on bones since before they were domesticated. It’s an activity they still really love to do. A great treat for gift-giving or any other time is dog chews made from natural animal parts. Ours at Shell’s are safe and satisfying for your chewers. Makes great stocking stuffers!

No matter who you’re trying to check off your gift list, our store has something for everyone.  And we’re not just limited to pets and gardening and farming at this time of year – we have a whole new selection of fun items that really show the lighter side of Shell’s!  

Watch in the coming days on our Facebook page as I’ll be bringing you some of our brand new items that will be awesome under your tree!  Stay tuned for that!

Until next time, Keep Growing!


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