May 13, 2021

Easy Summer Backyard Party Prep

Summertime often means Summer backyard party time – whether by the pool or just chillin’ and grillin’, your yard could be the party place of Summer!  We wanted to give you a few tips to help make it the best place ever to spend a Summer day!

Summer time often means party time – whether by the pool or just chillin’ and grillin’, your yard could be the party place of Summer!  We wanted to give you a few tips to help make it the best place ever to spend a Summer day!

Summer Backyard Party Prep Tip #1: Take Care of the Ants

Ants on your hands

You’re throwing the baseball with your kids, your bare feet loving the soft grass.  Suddenly you have this crazy painful burning sensation on your feet and legs!  You look down and WHAM! You’ve stepped in a giant ant mound.  Yikes!

Don’t let that be you. Stop in to Shell’s and get your anthill spot treatment product now before your Summer parties happen!  We’ve got you covered.

Summer Backyard Party Prep Tip #2: Make that grass lush, green, and soft.

kid laying on the grass smiling

It’s great to have a patch of grass to walk around outside on, worry free. While it’s our opinion that much of your yard should be planted with things other than grass where it’s allowed (for sustainability, environmental and pollinator reasons), we understand the love of soft grass too.

Whether you like to have a picnic outside, to having a patch for your pup to roll around and play fetch while enjoying the sunshine, or you like to kick around the soccer ball on fresh turf, keeping your grass neat and green can be a challenge.  We think that as long as it’s green and there’s nothing spiny to walk on, your lawn doesn’t have to be all one kind of plant (unless your HOA says otherwise). 

Taking care of grass in summer can be tough, especially with fertilizer bans in this area starting June 1.  You can still use products like Milorganite to make your lawn super green and lush during the Summer months, but right now before the ban goes into place is your last chance to give your lawn one final fertilizing before the long hot summer.  Even better if there’s a nice rain after application.

Summer Backyard Party Prep Tip #3: Take care of the mosquitoes!

mosquito topping off the tank

Ants aren’t the only biting insects here in Florida.  Nope.  Another nasty biter is the mosquito.  And they’re everywhere.

So, make sure you empty and clean out any standing water areas every other day on your property.  Use mosquito dunks in ponds (man-made or otherwise). 

Another great tool to keep the mosquitoes away are cedar granules. The smell of cedar oil is a huge deterrent for mosquitoes and they definitely stay away (cedar oil also deters fleas and other biters).

Yes, there are harsh chemicals that “fog” your area and keep mosquitoes away, and certainly that’s an option. Just know that LOTS of bugs are killed by those chemicals, even the good bugs. So use only when necessary (the bees and butterflies will thank you!).

Summer Backyard Party Prep Tip #4: Give Your Pretty Flowers a Boost

Summer flowers

To me, there’s nothing more fun that looking at beautiful flowers and foliage in the garden.

And if you’re going to be outside having parties and fun times, why not give your flowers a little pep-talk now before the Summer party season really gets rolling?

We’ve got all the different types of fertilizers you might need, but we highly recommend our Shell’s Organic 3-3-3.  It’s great for lawn, landscape, and vegetable gardens too. It not only fertilizes your plants but it helps make the soil richer too by having organic materials that break down over time and feed your plants.

backyard party

We hope these 4 quick tips for making your back yard a great place for Summer party season were helpful.  If we can answer questions about stuff happening in your yard, let us know!

Until next time, Keep Growing!


P.S. If you want a quick check of the weather for your planned festivities, try Weather Underground!

P.P.S. It’s going to be a hot one! Make sure you stay safe with these tips to handle the Florida heat this Summer!


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