Feb 19, 2021

Spring Perspectives for 2021

Hi there friends,

After a bit of hiatus, I’m back in time for Spring planting for 2021. 

Life has a way of giving you perspective whether you asked for it or not. I had a death in my immediate family last month and it really knocked me for a loop. Creativity was out the window, I couldn’t write a creative word to save my life.  Thus why I’ve been absent from the blog world since the beginning of 2021.

The perspective I have gained is that we really only have a limited time in this world. We should make every effort to enjoy that time as much as humanly possible. 

pretty wildflower garden

I’d like to take the opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year, and I hope you’ve had a good one so far.  

Are you ready for Spring Planting?  Our seeds are in, our seedling starter plants are in too.

We’ve expanded our garden shopping area, which means we can order MORE PLANTS!  You should come check it out!  We’ve really enjoyed having a more outside experience away from the parking lot. The plants can get sunshine more easily, we can keep them watered better, and once they’re placed it’s less work for us to keep them there. We’re thrilled to be able to do this for our customers! 

New Garden Shopping Area at Shell's

As our regulars know, our Spring here in Florida starts in February (and for some, in January!). If you’re new to Florida gardening, some advice – don’t listen to the mass media marketing telling you when to plant.  They really have you planting many things way too late.  Follow us here (and the UF IFAS/Extension Service) guidelines and you’ll have great success in your garden.

Today’s blog will be short – and a bit more personal than I usually get in the blog – because the Universe decided to rock my world a bit at the moment.  I am not immune to the effects of the curveballs that life throws at us humans, even if I want to be. I haven’t been strong enough to bring you more content, but I’m getting better as the days pass. 

Struggle allows us to see the beauty in small successes.

I think it’s important to know that even people who put forth a particular image for the sake of marketing a business I truly care about – and work in a field I truly think is noble (gardening/pets/sustainable living/farming) – sometimes have things happen that aren’t perfectly rosy and wonderful. 

I’m just as real as anyone else. And in that light…I know that others are struggling too. To you I want to say, you are not alone.

I really wanted to reach out today to you, my readers, and just remind you what the Spring promises – rejuvenation, new warm life from the cold hardness of the ground, a chance to start again in a new cycle.  

Spring has Sprung!

Keep the lessons of the Spring close to your heart. Begin something anew. Bring joy into the world with your actions. Welcome the longer days with an open heart and see the potential in every corner. 

Because sometimes you just never know when you won’t get the chance again.

Get your hands dirty this year and plant a garden.  A garden is hope, it is the result of love, and the reflection of what happens when you nurture and care for things.  We could all learn something from gardening. The Earth has much to teach us if we pause to listen. 

get your hands dirty planting a garden

Thanks for letting me talk to you today. I didn’t have much to teach you like I normally do, but I’m happy if I reached even one person today. I would love it if you looked back in my blog for something interesting to learn if you would like. There’s lots of information here.

If you feel so inclined, send me a note in the comments or pop an email to me, I’d love to hear from you.  I’ll get back to fun lessons next time, promise!

Until next time, Keep Growing!


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