As I mentioned in the previous blog, Florida is gardening Nirvana. I’m so excited about all the extra garden opportunities we get that I can’t stop sharing my enthusiasm about it!

We can grow crops from January through December with little weather interference – definitely no problems with snow! Without the freezing winter temperatures our gardening flexibility is quite impressive, and you should really be taking advantage of it.

grow your own food

The #GrowYourOwn movement is huge these days – resourceful gardeners are grasping the growing knowledge of the past and applying it to right now, finding new clever ways to get better and more food out of less space. Our garden produce is healthy, tasty, and really really good for you. I think it’s awesome to find new ways to get the most from our gardens and homes!

Growing your own food has many benefits:

  • Getting outside is great exercise, no matter the size of your garden. Gardening includes movements that are not overly strenuous but can increase your heart rate enough to burn fat, plus it’s satisfying and fun;
  • You get sunshine, which increases your Vitamin D and relieves stress symptoms and depression;
  • You breathe fresh air, helping you clear carbon and acid overload in the body, clearing your head and relaxing your body;
  • You sweat, which helps clear toxins from the body through the skin;
  • Gardening has been proven to lower blood pressure and stress chemical markers in your body;
  • It keeps your mind active, both the left and right brain hemispheres are engaged when gardening and problem-solving for the garden;
  • The produce you work for tastes 100 times better than store-bought (just try a bite and you’ll be convinced).
  • When you grow something yourself, you know what’s in it, and on it – you can make it pesticide and chemical-free if you want, without the extra grocery store “organic” fees, as well as being confident that it was grown responsibly.
  • Part of your food tasting better is the peace of mind that comes with your garden vegetables;
  • Bonus – it’s really fun!

Cool, right?

What grows in the Fall in Florida, you ask?

Below you’ll find a pretty list of lovely produce that you can start now. I even included a bonus – some flowers that pair nicely with these fruits and veggies.

For planting spacing and seed depths and how long it will take for harvest, come in to the store and get our Planting Guide for September/October – it has more details and info on it for your reading pleasure.

It’s like Spring all over again! Those poor Northern states don’t know what they’re missing shivering away all Fall & Winter.

You’ll love having a Fall garden, so why not get started today?

Even if you only plant tomatoes and peppers, you’ll be making your own food out of dirt and seeds. It’s one of the most satisfying feelings to pick something off of a plant you grew yourself and take a bite of it.

Earthbox Kit Garden

Lots of these plants grow GREAT in an Earthbox!

In fact, most of my tomatoes don’t even make it back into the house. They’re so tempting I eat them right there in the garden!

Want to know more about growing great food easily in an Earthbox?

Lucky for you, Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply is Tampa’s Earthbox Authority. We have the best prices & greatest selection of Earthboxes in Tampa!

I encourage you to get growing, and have FUN!

Happy Gardening!


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