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"Family Owned & Operated Since 1961 "

Shell’s Feed and Garden Supply

Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Closed on Sundays

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9513 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL 33612

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Spring has Sprung – and it’s gettin’ HOT

As you know, climate-wise we’re about 1-2 months ahead of the curve when it comes to warming up.  When folks up north are still getting snow (the poor dears), often we’re harvesting our early crops of tomatoes and peppers we started in January or February (and they’re still growing strong!).  So right about now your squash, zucchini, cucumbers, beans, peas, sunflowers and so many more are producing flowers and early fruit as well.  It’s now time to give them a little boost with Shell’s Organic 3-3-3 fertilizer.  Poultry-litter based, and enriched with humates and mycorrhizae for soil conditioning, you really can’t ask for a better organic product to amend your Florida soil and help your garden bloom and set fruits.  Mr. Shell made sure that this was formulated to be the best for our sugar-sand native soil (or the imported stuff for bringing up the grade out of swamp level in housing developments) here in Florida.  Try it out!!  You won’t regret it.

We also carry the very best pet foods around, and at awesome prices.  Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Diamond Grain Free, Taste of the Wild as well as Blue Buffalo are here for your dogs and cats.  We have a food to fit every animal’s needs and every owner’s budget to bring you the best nutrition for your money.  Just ask us!  We’re happy to help advise.  We can even help you transition your pet to a new food if that’s what they need so they’re less likely to get an upset stomach in the process (nobody wants to clean that up!), and we have an article about that here.

We also carry other products that might be of interest to you, including live baby chickens and everything they need for getting your fresh eggs daily, baby rabbits (when available) and all of their needs as well.  We carry food, cages, toys, and treats for pet birds, small exotics like chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats, mice, sugar gliders, hamsters, and more.

One of the greatest parts of the store is our bird seed area.  We have bird seed for so many different kinds of birds, both pet birds and wild birds.  We have feeders and bird houses too, so your wild birds can happily munch on some snacks and nest while you look on.  Our staff can help you mix seeds to attract different kinds of birds, so you can experiment to find just the right combinations to attract beautiful birds and feed your inner bird-watching needs.

We have so much greatness in one local family-owned store, you should come check us out!

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Our Story

In the late summer of 1961, Shell’s Feed and Garden Supply, Inc. opened the doors of the now locally famous Tampa feed and garden supply store without even so much as a cash register! Charles Shell, Founder, Shell’s Feed and Garden Supply, Inc. Tampa Nearly a decade prior, the dream of a man who at once decided to make a better life for himself and his family, not only came to fruition, but succeeded beyond imagination. Shell’s Feed and Garden Supply has become a household name to many in and around the Tampa Bay area and has been family owned and operated since opening day.


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