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"Shell’s – Family Owned & Operated Since 1961 "

9513 N. Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, FL 33612
(813) 932-9775


(and in effect until further notice)

Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Closed on Sundays

Curbside Pickup is Available for Online & Phone Orders during store hours, and additionally BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Monday – Friday from 4pm-5:30pm.

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9513 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL 33612

Status of Shell’s Feed & Garden Supply as of 05/01/2020 – Mr. Shell gives us an update on the status of the store.

See a general transcript of this video and all our previous videos here.

**********DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC************
We are all doing the best we can to stop the spread. As an essential business it is our duty to be there for you, Tampa, so that you can grow your food and take care of your animals during this time. We are taking all precautions recommended by the CDC seriously and thus the following changes have occurred to our store to help protect you and our staff during this unprecedented time.

1) We are limiting occupancy to 5 customers at a time in the store through May 2, 2020. Beginning May 4 we are limiting capacity to 12 customers at a time in the store. If we stop you at the door it is because we have reached our capacity. As soon as another customer comes out you will be allowed in. Thank you for your patience.

2) We have installed plexiglass shields for our cashiers.

3) We have made masks available to our staff (as many as we could find or make ourselves)

4) We ask our customers to maintain a 6′ social distance at all times while shopping or waiting in line to go in, per CDC guidelines.

5) We are cleaning commonly-touched surfaces every hour on the hour such as counters, credit card terminal, door handles, etc. with a disinfectant.

6) Our Buy & Fly program has been expanded to include Curbside Pickup. Order online or over the phone, we will call you when your order is ready. When you arrive you can call us and we can load the order into your vehicle for you. Be prepared to show ID and sign for the order. We are offering a limited amounnt of delivery within a 10 mile radius for those customers who are high-risk; we are not set up for delivery so it will happen as we are able to do so, no guarantees on timeframe.

7) We have shortened the hours our doors are open to allow for cleaning and stocking the shelves through May 2, 2020 (M-F 8-4, Sat 8-3). Beginning May 4 we are returning to normal business hours.

8) We are following all the mandatory CDC guidelines and following local city and county guidelines as well.




Spring is Ending & Summer is Coming in Florida!

shells feed garden supply tampa florida spring planting gardening plan planning journal Spring 2019IN THE STORE:

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic our store activities have been completely cancelled until further notice. We can still answer your questions and help you get what you need for the problem you’re having, but the best way to have garden questions answered at this time is to ask on our Facebook page or join our Shell’s Garden Community private group on Facebook.

We love bringing you great educational content here at the store, and in our blog and newsletter too. You mean you’re not on our email list yet? Sign up right here!! You’ll get exclusive announcements, sale coupons, and more benefits!  We’re constantly adding to that program, called the Shell’s Members Club.

We are so thrilled to be in our 59th year here in beautiful Tampa, Florida!  Thank you for making this possible.  We have lots of great useful stuff here in the store, but as Mr. Shell likes to say, what we really sell is service.  Service to you, our customers, is the most important thing we can do!

Speaking of, if you haven’t already, TELL YOUR FRIENDS about us! We carry great pet & garden supplies, we have the best prices on bird seed for your feeders, and fantastic staff to help with your pest control, lawn, garden, pet problems, chickens & farm questions, and so much more!

shells feed garden supply tampa florida spring planting gardening plan planning journal Spring 2019GARDEN:

Your Spring Crops should be producing by now (as our Spring starts in January/February timeframe!) and right now you should be starting seeds for Summer crops.

Some examples of crops that LOVE the heat are sweet potatoes, green beans, peppers, okra, cowpeas, peanuts, and blackeyed peas. Some of your cherry tomatoes can take it too.

In April and May we start seeing a surge of garden pests, particularly worms, caterpillars, and fungi like powdery mildew and sooty mold. Some of your new best friends should be Garden Friendly Fungicide, Conserve (Spinosad), and Thuricide (BT), all organic solutions to these problems.

Have questions? We can help, just let us know.

Here’s a couple of good articles for the season:

Staying Home? Simple Fun Gardening Projects To Do Now

Health Benefits of Gardening

14 Garden Edibles That Beat The Florida Summer Heat

How Your Lawn Can Survive Florida Heat


As usual, we carry the very best pet foods around, at awesome prices – and Made in the USA products are available!  Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Diamond Grain Free, Taste of the Wild as well as Blue Buffalo and more are here for your dogs and cats.  We have Purina and Manna Pro for your farm animals (chickens, horses, pigs, ducks…you get the idea), and great foods, treats, and supplies for just about every kind of exotic pet out there, including brands such as Kaytee, ZuPreem, Scarlett, Mazuri, and more.  We have a food to fit every animal’s needs and every owner’s budget to give your pets the best nutrition for your money.  Check out our online store for feed we have listed there!

Having a problem with your pet? Just ask us!  We’re happy to help advise.  We carry specialty items for skin, grooming products, flea control, and so much more. We also have a large assortment of durable toys for mega-chewers and pets who love to run, fetch, tug, and have lots of fun!


One of the greatest parts of the store is our bird seed area.  We have bird seed for so many different kinds of birds, both pet birds and wild birds.  We have cages, cage supplies, toys, food, & treats for your pet birds that they will LOVE.  We also have wild bird feeders and bird houses too, so your wild birds can happily munch on some snacks and nest while you look on.  Our staff can help you mix seeds to attract different kinds of birds to your yard, so you can experiment to find just the right combinations to attract beautiful birds and feed your inner bird-watching needs. Want more information about what seed attracts the different kinds of birds? Check out this article from the blog: Shell’s Feed Bird Food Guide

shells feed garden supply tampa florida chickens rabbits pets fresh eggs foodLIVE CHICKENS & RABBITS:

We have live baby chickens and everything they need for getting your fresh eggs daily. Also, baby rabbits (when available) and all of their needs as well.  We also occasionally carry geese, turkeys, and ducks, so keep a look out for that from our weekly Chicken Report!

We do sell great pre-built rabbit hutches.  We have bedding, food, treats, waterers, cage and pen supplies, vaccines, and everything you need to care for your chickens and rabbits.

If you want to know what kind of birds we have right now, of course you can stop by or call us, but you can also check out our weekly chicken report right here.  It is updated every Saturday for the previous week’s arrivals.  If you want a specific bird you see online, we definitely suggest you call us to make sure we haven’t sold out in the week between the updates before you make the drive!

We have so much greatness in one local family-owned store, you should come check us out!

And finally, make sure you Like and Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and/or Google for extra sale specials, surveys, and other things that won’t be announced anywhere else! 

Our Story

In the late summer of 1961, Shell’s Feed and Garden Supply, Inc. opened the doors of the now locally famous Tampa feed and garden supply store without even so much as a cash register! Charles Shell, Founder, Shell’s Feed and Garden Supply, Inc. Tampa Nearly a decade prior, the dream of a man who at once decided to make a better life for himself and his family, not only came to fruition, but succeeded beyond imagination. Shell’s Feed and Garden Supply has become a household name to many in and around the Tampa Bay area and has been family owned and operated since opening day.

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