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"Shell’s – Family Owned & Operated Since 1961 "

Shell’s Feed and Garden Supply

Shells Feed Garden Supply Tampa Florida garden pet chicken farm supply

Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Closed on Sundays

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9513 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL 33612

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It’s Spring in Florida!

shells feed garden supply tampa florida spring sprung 2019IN THE STORE:

Even though the calendar says it’s Winter, our weather says IT’S SPRING! Your garden should be getting started right now, and the weather has been very mild this year.  No freeze means that the natural pest control didn’t happen, but we also didn’t lose any plants to frost.

We are so thrilled to be in our 58th year here in beautiful Tampa, Florida!  Thank you for making this possible.  We have lots of great useful stuff here in the store, but as Mr. Shell likes to say, what we really sell is service.  Service to you, our customers, is the most important thing we can do!

Our Workshops and Seed Swaps are back!  We had our first workshop already on 2/2, How to Start Seeds.  We have two Earthbox classes this Spring, 2/16 and 3/9, both at 1pm – tickets are $10 and you get a coupon for a discount on Earthbox purchases, so the class basically pays for itself.  PLUS, you get a great instructor, Susan Roghair! The Monthly Community Seed Swaps are always free, but please bring some seeds, seedlings, plants, cuttings, etc., to swap for other stuff with your gardening friends and neighbors.  February 23, March 23, and April 20 are the ones coming up!

Speaking of, if you haven’t already, TELL YOUR FRIENDS about us! We carry great pet & garden supplies, we have the best prices on bird seed for your feeders, and fantastic staff to help with your pest control, lawn, garden, pet problems, chickens & farm questions, and so much more!

shells feed garden supply tampa florida spring planting gardening plan planning journal Spring 2019GARDEN:

It’s time for Spring planting!  We hope you started your Spring seeds in late January or early February, if you didn’t, well, come get some starter plants from us to help you catch up!  Yes, we lucky Florida folks can garden year-round. This cooler weather with lots of sunshine will help your plants (and seedlings) get really well established early on.

In the blog we’ve been talking about Spring since January – make your own DIY Garden markers, and two posts on Garden planning Part 1 & Part 2.


As usual, we carry the very best pet foods around, and at awesome prices.  Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Diamond Grain Free, Taste of the Wild as well as Blue Buffalo are here for your dogs and cats.  We have Purina and Manna Pro for your farm animals (chickens, horses, pigs, ducks…you get the idea), and great foods, treats, and supplies for just about every kind of exotic pet out there.  We have a food to fit every animal’s needs and every owner’s budget to bring you the best nutrition for your money.  Check out our online store for feed we have listed there! (more online inventory available soon). Just ask us!  We’re happy to help advise.

One of the greatest parts of the store is our bird seed area.  We have bird seed for so many different kinds of birds, both pet birds and wild birds.  We have cages, cage supplies, toys, food, & treats for your pet birds that they will LOVE.  We also have wild bird feeders and bird houses too, so your wild birds can happily munch on some snacks and nest while you look on.  Our staff can help you mix seeds to attract different kinds of birds to your yard, so you can experiment to find just the right combinations to attract beautiful birds and feed your inner bird-watching needs.

shells feed garden supply tampa florida chickens rabbits pets fresh eggs foodLIVE CHICKENS & RABBITS:

We have live baby chickens and everything they need for getting your fresh eggs daily. Also, baby rabbits (when available) and all of their needs as well.  Getting closer to Easter we should be getting in ducks and some geese too, so stay tuned for that.

We do sell great pre-built coops and rabbit hutches.  We have bedding, food, treats, waterers, cage and pen supplies, vaccines, and everything you need to care for your chickens and rabbits.

If you want to know what kind of birds we have right now, of course you can stop by or call us, but you can also check out our weekly chicken report right here.  It is updated every Saturday for the previous week’s arrivals.  If you want a specific bird you see online, we definitely suggest you call us to make sure we haven’t sold out in the week between the updates before you make the drive!

We have so much greatness in one local family-owned store, you should come check us out!

And finally, make sure you Like and Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and/or Google+ for extra sale specials, surveys, and other things that won’t be announced anywhere else! 


Our Story

In the late summer of 1961, Shell’s Feed and Garden Supply, Inc. opened the doors of the now locally famous Tampa feed and garden supply store without even so much as a cash register! Charles Shell, Founder, Shell’s Feed and Garden Supply, Inc. Tampa Nearly a decade prior, the dream of a man who at once decided to make a better life for himself and his family, not only came to fruition, but succeeded beyond imagination. Shell’s Feed and Garden Supply has become a household name to many in and around the Tampa Bay area and has been family owned and operated since opening day.


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